Lipedema Advanced Care

Lipedema Advanced Care, with Dr. Alexo Carballeira as Medical Director, and a multidisciplinary team at the Hospital Fontana, for Lipedema treatment and research.

Our location

Hospital IMSKE C/ de Suīssa, 11, Quatre Carreres, 46024 València, Valencia

+34 665 027 006


Treatment for Lipedema: Surgery and Conservative

Which is the best treatment for Lipedema? Can Lipedema be cured? If I undergo surgery, will the fat come back? If you have reached this far, it is because you suffer Lipedema or Lipoedema, and probably have asked yourself these questions and many others regarding the different treatment options and disease progression. Now we will […]

How can i know if ihave Lipedema? Diagnosis and test

Do I have Lipedema? Maybe you have already visited some doctors, and still don’t really know if you suffer something you’ve heard about recently, called Lipedema or Lipoedema. If you have doubts about having Lipedema, you are in the correct place, because in this article we will explain to you step by step some basic […]

Types and Stages of Lipedema: Everything you should know

Today we will discuss Lipedema more in-depth; this is a condition increasingly more acknowledged among women, and about which there is increasing knowledge. If you are here because you think you can suffer Lipedema, or because you want to learn more about this condition, you have reached the right place to get informed. It is […]