Lipedema Advanced Care

Lipedema Advanced Care, with Dr. Alexo Carballeira as Medical Director, and a multidisciplinary team at the Hospital Fontana, for Lipedema treatment and research.

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Symptoms of Lipedema.

• Hypersensitivity, pain in the soft tissues both at rest and when walking or touching them..
• Sensation of heaviness, fatigue, tingling.
• Accumulation of lipedemic fat, from the waist to the knees or ankles.
• Appearance of bruises
• Emotional affectation due to ignorance of the disease and consequent delay in diagnosis.

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The Lipedema

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Causes of Lipedema

The origin of this disease is not clear, it has been proven that there is a genetic component, as well as a hormonal component.


Symptoms of Lipedema

Hypersensitivity, pain in soft tissues both at rest and when walking or touching them, among other symptoms.

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Grades and Types

There is no universally accepted classification of Lipedema. The most common divides it into three grades based on the structure of the tissue and the texture of the skin.

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Frequent questions

Frequently asked questions about Lipedema, its symptoms, causes and main treatments currently available.

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Lipedema or cellulite?.

The fat that accumulates in the extremities has different characteristics from normal fat. Lipedemic adipocytes are larger and react little or not at all to conventional diets and exercise. Furthermore, it is a fat that hurts from pressure, even spontaneously. At the circulatory level, lymphatic return slows down, which leads to fluid retention, edema and easy bruising


Eco Doppler.

It is important to carry out this test to rule out vascular pathology and it also allows us to visualize and measure fat with the typical characteristics of Lipedema.

It allows us to study the state of the superficial and deep venous circulation.


Dr. Alexo Carballeira

Medical director
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Isotope lymphoscintigraphy

It allows the functional study of the lymphatic system and the diagnosis of lymphedema. In Lipedema the findings are normal.

Diagnosis is usually made by a vascular surgeon or rehabilitation physician. It is important to choose a good specialist who knows this disease, since a good diagnosis is essential to determine the appropriate treatment.

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