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What is Lipedema?.

Lipedema is a progressive disease of fatty tissue that almost exclusively affects women (between 12% and 16%) and is characterized by an accumulation of pathological fat in the extremities, mainly in the lower limbs (from ankle to hip). , but it also occurs in the upper limbs (arms), without affecting the feet or hands.

It is common to wonder what Lipedema is, since it is a little-known disease in Spain and in the rest of the world, and it was not until 2018 when the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized it as a disease. The word Lipedema is used in Spanish, as well as in English, but in some European countries this disease is called Lipoedema, Lipodem or Lipöedema.

Affected people usually present decompensated silhouettes in which the lower extremities are thicker than the rest of the body, without existing, in many cases, difference between ankle, knee and thigh. It is not about obesity or cellulite, although it is common to confuse it, since it does not respond so much to conventional diets or exercise.

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Causes of Lipedema

The origin of this disease is not clear, it has been proven that there is a genetic component, as well as a hormonal component.


Symptoms of Lipedema

Hypersensitivity, pain in soft tissues both at rest and when walking or touching them, among other symptoms.

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Grades and Types

There is no universally accepted classification of Lipedema. The most common divides it into three grades based on the structure of the tissue and the texture of the skin.

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Frequent questions

Frequently asked questions about Lipedema, its symptoms, causes and main treatments currently available.

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From 12 to 18% of women worldwide suffer from this disease.

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90% of patients would undergo surgery if they had not.

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15 to 17% of women with lymphedema also have lipedema.

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Affected are women. It is a disease that affects almost exclusively women.

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Who does lipedema affect?.

Although it is sometimes confused, it is not a problem related to obesity, since it does not respond to healthy habits or diets. Lipedema has the peculiarity that fat accumulates abnormally, usually in the lower limbs from the hip to the ankles.

Lipedema is different from Lymphedema and a good diagnosis is important to allow the most appropriate treatment. In hands and feet lymphedema they do present swelling and it is usually unilateral, that is, there is always lymphatic involvement and it usually affects only one limb.



grado 1 lipedema


The skin surface is smooth, but the subcutaneous fatty tissue is thickened. The fatty structure has fine nodules

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The surface of the skin is irregular, with bumps and depressions. The fatty structure with coarse nodules.

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Harder and rougher tissue, formation of broad lobular-shaped pockets in the skin.

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