Lipedema Advanced Care

Lipedema Advanced Care, with Dr. Alexo Carballeira as Medical Director, and a multidisciplinary team at the Hospital Fontana, for Lipedema treatment and research.

Our location

Calle Alicante 31, Valencia

+34 963 410 600

Dr. Carmen Espí Sena

Dr. Carmen Espí Sena

We have a team of specialists with extensive experience in each of the different
units, thus being able to offer the best solution with a multidisciplinary approach
where the well-being and health of our patients is the main objective.

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, University of Valencia, promotion 1974-1980. Collegiate number 10,301.
  • For more than 30 years of exclusive dedication to the private practice of cosmetic surgery, she has worked closely with Doctor González Fontana with whom she began her professional career at the Hospital General Universitario and continued from the founding of Clínica Fontana to the death of her.
  • She has been the medical director of the Fontana Clinic since 1999, where she has performed more than 8,000 surgeries with success and scientific rigor.
  • Member of the E.C.P.R.E. (Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) and the S.C.P.R.E.C.V. (Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery of the Valencian Community).
  • She is a guest speaker in numerous specialty courses both nationally and internationally as well as making numerous publications in high-impact magazines in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery.
  • She has made stays abroad with surgeons of recognized international prestige.

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