Lipedema Advanced Care

Lipedema Advanced Care, with Dr. Alexo Carballeira as Medical Director, and a multidisciplinary team at the Hospital Fontana, for Lipedema treatment and research.

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Calle Alicante 31, Valencia

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Dr. Ignacio Sánchez Nevárez

Dr. Ignacio Sánchez Nevárez

We have a team of specialists with extensive experience in each of the different
units, thus being able to offer the best solution with a multidisciplinary approach
where the well-being and health of our patients is the main objective.

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil, promotion 1991-1998 with subsequent Validation and Homologation Issued in Madrid by the Spanish Ministry of Health in 1999. Collegiate number 35922.
  • Specialist in Angiology and vascular surgery, via M.I.R. at the hospital of Santa Creu and Sant Pau, Barcelona.
  • Member of the Spanish Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery and of the chapters on Phlebology, Vascular Diagnosis and Endovascular Surgery. As well as the European Board of vascular surgery.
  • He is a guest speaker in numerous specialty courses both nationally and internationally, as well as making numerous publications in high-impact journals in the field of angiology and vascular surgery. He highlighted the presidency of the Spanish Congress of Phlebology in 2016 and member of the organizing committee of the International Congress of Lymphology in 2013.
  • More than ten years of professional experience within the public sphere as an associate at La Fe University and Polytechnic Hospital, which has allowed him to obtain first-rate training in the most innovative techniques in the field of angiology and vascular surgery.